ONE Control roadmap

With the newly released version 1.0.3, we provided all the components planned for the first phase of the app development.

You have three types of controllers to work with:

  • Mackie Control emulation
  • Launchpad emulation
  • Modular MIDI

While the first two are considered feature complete, and will have minor evolutions in the future, the Modular MIDI component is where we’ll focus most in the next iterations of the product.

Beginning from the next release, you’ll see huge improvements, starting from a super intuitive and quick control editor. We’ll then provide more modules and styling options for your custom controllers. We’re also working on new actions and MIDI automations, to better integrate Control with your workflow.

In the meantime we’re working on many ready-to-use controllers, that will be available in the cloud library from inside Control. They will cover the most used applications and plugins on the market, from glorious Kontakt libraries to well known virtual instruments. Remember that, once downloaded, you will be able to customize them to better suit your needs and even share them with friends and collaborators.

We hope you will enjoy what we’re doing for your music workflow, and we can’t wait to show you what we’re working on.


The ONE Instrument Team