On which device does ONE Control work?

ONE Control is compatible with all iPad models running iPadOS 13.0 or later. 

What is the recommended connection type?

The faster the better. Direct connection is recommended, although on fast WiFi the performance might be equivalent. From our tests, Bluetooth is also perfectly fine. 

I have issues trying to establish a connection. What can I do?

If you have followed the getting started guide, watched the online videos and still have issues, contact us. We’ll be pleased to help. 

Mackie Control

My DAW is not present in the supported list. Will it work anyway?

As long it supports Mackie Control Universal, it should work. The supported DAWs has been tested and for them we provide a specific template, adapted for their custom implementation of the MCU protocol. 

How can I connect my DAW with Control by ONE Instrument?

ONE Control supports direct connection (with the lighting or USB-C cable), via Wi-Fi (network MIDI) or via Bluetooth (BT MIDI).

Can I control a DAW running Windows?

Yes you can, as long your PC has a MIDI driver for network or Bluetooth installed. 

On my DAW some functions are different from those displayed on the button labels.

Each DAW developer tends to implement a proprietary variant of MCU (Mackie Control Universal), more suitable for the carachteristics of their software. Contact us and we will gladly adapt our templates to your DAW.