Introducing ONE Control 1.2

ONE Control 1.2 is now available.

A lot of work is behind this release, external features but above all an internal infrastructure that traces the way for the many innovations that will be introduced in the coming months.

Main features

Modular Controller

  • Multi-Page Controller
    You can create multiple pages for your controllers, so as to separate functions and commands by category or context
  • Presets
    Now you can save up to 128 presets and call them up with a single tap.
  • Nuovo browser moduli
    The module browser has been rethought and now provides an overview of all modules available in full screen.
  • Multi-Step Components
    Give your components custom multiple values. For example, you can configure the waveform selector of your synth and even assign a name to each position, displayed on the selector label (if knob or slider) or on the display (if interactive display).
  • New editing functionalities
    • Extended Drag&Drop
    • Copy styles or automation from one module to another with a single gesture
    • New buttons and editing menus for module editing
  • New automation functionalities
    • Improved automation editor
    • New Long press event, useful for assigning an action when holding down a button
  • New components and styles
    • Stomp button
      Control your stomp boxes from your custom controller
    • Interactive display
      View and control your parameters with the fantastic new interactive display. Extremely useful in combination with the new Multi-Step feature
    • Rotary knob
      A rotary component to increase and decrease values, such as patches and more
    • Component label now can be positioned above or below the component
    • Module header now can be positioned above or below the module
    • Flat angles and solid colors option for modules
    • New color picker to assign any tint to your modules and components
  • Improved performance
    Now the editing functions are up to 5 times more responsive than the previous version and the reaction of the components to the touch is instantaneous even on old devices
  • Completo supporto a iPadOS 15
    • While maintaining compatibility with iPadOS 14, ONE Control takes full advantage of the features offered by the latest version of iPadOS.
      Note: To offer the best possible product, ONE Control 1.3 version will only be compatible with iPadOS 15.

DAW Controller

  • Support for Universal Audio LUNA
  • VU-Meters
    Yes, the first DAW Controller with VU-Meters! The function is active by default on iPad Pro 13″ and optionally configurable even on smaller devices.
  • V-pots and Jog Wheel completely rewritten
    They are now more sensitive and accurate and use the maximum graphic resolution available on your device.
  • Layout optimized for every iPad model, from the new iPad mini to the iPad Pro 13″ with Mini Led.


  • Simplified MIDI connection configuration
    MIDI settings have been simplified, such as configuration for automatic access to MIDI network sessions.
  • Home Page Widgets
    Now you can create widgets on your iPad homepage to call up your favorite controllers with a single tap
  • Integration with Shortcuts
    You can create your own Shortcuts to quickly retrieve a controller from within your favorite workflows. And you can even ask Siri to open a controller for you!
  • Improved controller sharing.
  • The click volume can now be adjusted in global settings