Introducing ONE Control DAW Edition

What is it?

ONE Control DAW Edition is a “stripped-down” version of ONE Control Pro, offering DAW-only functionality.


Many users just want to control their DAW, using the powerful Mackie Control Universal emulator, featured in ONE Control Pro, without the need to create custom controllers.

Hence the decision to provide most of the DAW control functions, at an affordable price.

What it provides?

  • Custom controllers for major DAWs, plus the standard Mackie Control Universal controller
  • Support for WiFi, Bluetooth and cable connections
  • The same wonderful visual themes available in ONE Control Pro

What it does not provide?

  • You cannot customize controllers,
  • You cannot create custom MIDI controllers
  • You don’t have access to the other controllers, such as Launchpad
  • You do not have access to the controller library provided by ONE Instrument Cloud