Working with Modular Controllers

With the Modular Controller system you can quickly build your customized Controllers, with few steps, without the hassle of complex editing.

Control comes with many pre-built modules, each containing various kind of components, from Faders, to Knobs and buttons. Each component is customizable with title, color and, more important, with all the actions needed to send the proper MIDI messages to your app, plugin or device.

Each layout contains modules in various sizes, represented by different colors in the controller editor.

Red modules

Large rectangular 2×2 units modules. Suitable for large quantity of components.

Yellow modules

Large rectangular 2×1 units modules. Same width of the red modules but half the height. Suitable for knobs and pads.

Green modules

Square 1×2 units modules. Ideal for a limited quantity of components or single large components, like the XY pad.

Blue modules

Small 1×1 units modules. Contain few components or single small component, like the MMC Transport and Keyswitch.

Adding a module

Simply tap on the colored Plus icon at the center of each empty slot. A corresponding colored rectangle is also shown, in order to better understand the final dimension of the inserted module.

In the module browser you’ll find all the modules suitable for the chosen size. Select a module to insert it in your controller.

Larger slots may contain modules of different sizes. In this case you’ll see several Plus icons, each representing the appropriate size of the sub-slot. If you insert a larger module, sub-slot will not be available, therefore you’ll not see their frame and Plus icon anymore.

Removing a module

Tap del red minus icon to remove a module. The corresponding slot and sub-slot will be available again.

Stock components

XY Pad

Allows you to control two MIDI parameters at once. It’s perfect for performance sessions or automation workflows, like controlling the Expression and Vibrato of violins and woodwinds. Drag the handle on the two dimensional space, where the bottom leading corner corresponds to the minimum values and the top trailing the maximum values.


Typically used to control MIDI CC messages


Like the fader, you can configure a knob to send MIDI CC messages


Suitable for sending Note On/Off messages corresponding to drum pads. Thanks to its customizable label, can also be used to send specific MIDI or OSC commands to your DAW, plugin or device.


Similar to the Pad control, typically used for MIDI or OSC commands.

MMC Transport

Allows you to control your track withe the common transport controls, like Play, Stop, Record, etc.

By default the commands are pre-mapped to standard MMC (MIDI Machine Control) events. If your DAW or device supports MMC, you just have to enable it and you’re good to go.

If your destination doesn’t support MMC or simply you want to assign the transport control to other MIDI or OSC messages, open the Control Editor and reassign the actions to whatever message you need.


It’s a small replica of a Drum Machine keyboard, covering one octave. Its main purpose is to control remote Keyswitch, like articulations or note commands. Can be used also for limited playable sessions. You can customize the represented octave from inside the control editor.