ONE Control vs Logic Remote

One of the questions we get most often is why ONE Control, if I can get (free) Logic Remote?

Logic Remote is a great product, but it’s focused on semi-professional use. The wonderful playing controls, such as strings, drums, etc make it the perfect tool for composing and sketching up ideas.

Used as a DAW Controller, ONE Control is a faithful replica of the Mackie Control consoles. The Mackie Control protocol offers pro features, partially available or not available at all in Logic Remote, such as:

  • Advanced management of markers
  • Complete management of groups
  • Advanced automation management
  • Similar, if not identical, transport capabilities to those offered by audio consoles
  • All functions are presented in one screen

For those who have used these hardware units in the past, it will be like feeling at home. The layout, as far as possible, is faithfully respected, as are the commands themselves.

For those new to Mackie Control, ONE Control provides contextual help for the main functions. For a complete description of the features, see the Apple Logic Pro Control Surfaces guide, in the Mackie Control chapter.