Multiple connections

With Control you can work with multiple setups thanks to multiple window support of iOS 13, or through the controller switcher on the toolbar. The problem arises when using multiple protocols on the same connection.

Let’s say that you have Control connected to Logic with the following setup:

  1. Mackie Control for the general control of your track
  2. Launchpad controller for live loops
  3. Few custom controllers for your plugins

If Mackie Control and Launchpad controller are connected to the same MIDI endpoint, they share many MIDI messages, and your DAW doesn’t know what to do with those messages. So it could happen that by tapping a Mackie Control button (that is nothing more than a regular note on channel 1), the DAW would start to play loop. That’s because even Launchpad uses regular MIDI notes on channel 1). Similarly, using a custom controller working on channel 1, is going to cause some weird behavior, if you have a Mackie Control or Launchpad surface configured.

The solution

With the introduction of Control version 1.1.2, we have made managing multiple connections easier and more efficient than ever.
Control now allows you to customize the connection parameters via multiple Network MIDI sessions and automatically.

In the global MIDI settings and in those of each Controller it is possible to configure the connection parameters. Each time a controller is opened, the connection with the default Session or the specific controller, if defined, is automatically made.

Follow the Getting Started instruction in Control on how to configure your connections.

Create a dedicated connection for your DAW

In Audio/MIDI setup app (Mac) or rtpMIDI (Windows):

  1. Add a new Network MIDI Session
  2. Assign a recognizable name to the Session (you can name it after your DAW)
  3. Assign a Bonjour name (you can use the same name)

In ONE Control Pro:

  1. Open your DAW Controller
  2. Enter Edit mode and open Settings, MIDI
  3. Select Automatic network connection
  4. Select the Session created for your DAW

In your DAW:

  1. Open the Control Surface configuration
  2. Select Mackie Control (MCU)
  3. Select the Session created for your DAW as Input and Output ports

You’re done! Since now on, every time you open you DAW Controller on ONE Control, the dedicated session will be used.